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                Suppliers Tongxiang Qinghe Bedding Co.,Ltd.
                Company Info

                Zhejiang Hangjiahu Plain is located in the east of China and renowned as a fertile land for silkworms and mulberries because people here have passed down their tradition of raising silkworms and growing mulberries for thousands of years. It is now the biggest silkworm and mulberry base in China and honored as the "Land of Silk". Even thousands of years ago, the silks here were sold to various countries in Asia and Europe and other regions of the world via the well-known "Silk Road". Tongxiang Qinghe Bedding Co.,Ltd. is located right in the hinterland of Hangjiahu Plain. We are mainly engaged in the development, design, manufacturing and export of Qinghe bedding products. Our major products include various types of silk quilts, seamed quilts, wool quilts, chemical fiber quilts, polar fleece blankets, plush blankets, bounded blankets, hemmed blankets, over-locked blank

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                Contact us
                Company Name: Tongxiang Qinghe Bedding Co.,Ltd. 
                Company Address: East of Zhouquan town Tongxiang City, Zhejiang, China 
                Zip: 314500 
                Contact Person: Mr.Fan 
                Telephone Number: +86-573-88660886 13905834486 
                Mobile: +86-13905834486 
                Fax Number: +86-573-88660887 88660787 
                Email: qinghe@zjqinghe.com 
                Homepage: www.zjqinghe.com