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                Suppliers Weifang Yimeijia Ribbon Co., Ltd.
                Company Info

                Weifang Yimeijia Ribbon Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specialized in producing polyester ribbons. Our company is located in the historic World Kite Capital - Weifang with advantageous geographic location and convenient transportation. Our company has the most advanced non-woven belt high-speed machines from Taiwan area, high-temperature continuous dyeing machines and a series of sound production equipment. Our company has sound quality control procedures as well as strict and scientific management to ensure the perfect quality of all products. Our company has been producing high-quality polyester ribbons, sheer ribbons, printing belts, velvet belts, gold and silver onion belts, Christmas gifts, hand-printing products and other products, which are widely used in clothing, toys, gift packaging, home decoration and other industries, especially in the embroidery textile industry.

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                Contact us
                Company Name: Weifang Yimeijia Ribbon Co., Ltd. 
                Company Address: Industrial Park, Qiaoguan Town, Changle, Shandong Province, China 
                Zip: 262408 
                Contact Person: Mrs.Shi 
                Telephone Number: 86-536-6769279 
                Mobile: 13356767501 
                Fax Number: 86-536-6769276 
                Email: zsg1991@163.com 
                Homepage: www.yimeijiaribbon.cn 
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