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                MAIN PRODUCTS: low temperature dyeing polyester cationic yarn FDY DTY 75d 72f 75d 36f,EASY DYE CATIONIC YARN,jersey yarn for knitting polyester filament yarn easy dyeing polyester,EASY DYE CATIONIC FUNCTIONAL YARN,Low melting Nylon yarn,PTT SORONA YARN,Low melting yarn
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                     We are special and functional yarn manufacturer in shaoxing , zhejiang ,china .  260km from shanghai seaport .  we mainly produce ATPDP easy dye cationic yarn ,  low melting yarn , PTT sorona , Polypropylene yarn and functional yarn .  ...view detail

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                Company NameShaoxing Global Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd
                Company Address1435 Renmin Road (east), Shaoxing City, Zhengjiang Province. China
                Contact PersonBaker Gu
                Telephone Number86-575-88643810
                Fax Number86-575-88644253
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