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                Suppliers Shaoxing Orientstar Textile Co., Ltd.
                Company Info

                Shaoxing Orientstar Textile Co., Ltd. is located in China Textiles City, the largest textiles distribution center in Asia. Close to the National Highway 104 and hangzhou -Ningbo Expressway, 15 minutes' ride from Hangzhou International Airport, and 2 hours' ride from Shanghai, the company enjoys a good location. Our company is specialized in the development and manufacture of various garment materials, mainly including T/R fabrics for western-style clothes, fabrics for women's clothes and for fashion trousers. Each year, 20 million meters of our products are directly exported, mainly to Europe and the US, and the Southeast Asia. Main varieties of products include: T/R series, T/R woolen series, all woolen series, woolly series, chiffon and georgette, pongee and polyester taffeta series. Our company always attaches great importance to science and technology, and it boasts top-notc

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                Contact us
                Company Name: Shaoxing Orientstar Textile Co., Ltd. 
                Company Address: No.018-038,Time Square, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang,China. 
                Contact Person: Mrs He 
                Telephone Number: +86-575-85288801 
                Fax Number: +86-575-84563711 
                Email: julia@ortstex.com 
                Homepage: www.ortstex.com 
                Company Info