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                Suppliers yuyaojingwei ribbon weaving textile co.ltd
                Company Info

                Yuyao Warp&Weft Tape Weaving Co., Ltd., the former Yuyao Tape Weaving Mill, is a professional dyeing and weaving enterprise located in an area amid Ningbo and Hangzhou. Established in 1998,its occupying area is 13000 square meters and its construction area is 5000 square meters.Employing over 200 clerks including 20 technicians, it is equipped with workshops of dyeing, finishing, weaving ,seaming and packaging. It is specializing in the production of sheer cotton, PP, polyester tape weaving in various dimensions uses for apparels, electrical machinery, transmission, medicine, suitcase etc. As an export-oriented company with years'abundant experience, its products are widely accepted by countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Persisting in the principal " Quality is the key for life, price is the key for market", we believe our company will take a large stride in t

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                Contact us
                Company Name: yuyaojingwei ribbon weaving textile co.ltd 
                Company Address: Gaoyang Village, Huangjiafu Town,Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province 
                Zip: 315466 
                Contact Person: Manager Li 
                Telephone Number: 86-0574-62025611 
                Mobile: +86 13008911826 
                Fax Number: 86-0574-62025611 
                Email: jw@texindex.com