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                Suppliers Hubei Chibi HUARUI Threads Industry Co., Ltd.
                Company Info

                Founded in 2005, ChiBi HUARUI is a manufacture of producing Polyester sewing thread in Hubei China. the predecessor is Military Textile Industry Enterprises(designation: 2348) in the state owned economy times. Now HUARUI is a listed corporation with registered found of RMB 6 million Yuan,an area of 25,500 square meters, and more than 150 skilled employees. The factory owns advanced sewing equipments, high-speed double winder, two-for-one twister and twisting frame, also full-automatic winding machine from Italy. The product range is 20S/1,20S/2,20S/3,30S/2,30S/3,40S/2,40S/3,50S/2,50S/3,60S/2,60S/3. with Paper cone, Plastic cone, dyeing cone or in Hanks, In order to provide our partners with stable quality product, all production processes are under quality control from material testing to finished product testing, by using Such as single yarn strength tester, Evenness Analyzer. H

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                Contact us
                Company Name: Hubei Chibi HUARUI Threads Industry Co., Ltd. 
                Company Address: No.163,Tiger Tun Road,Lushui Lake Scenic Area Office,Chibi in Hubei,China 
                Zip: 437321 
                Contact Person: Alan Tang 
                Telephone Number: +86-715-5528889 
                Mobile: 86-18071266880 
                Fax Number: +86-715-5528699 
                Email: sales@hbhrxy.com 
                Homepage: www.hbhrxy.com