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                Suppliers Hubei Chibi HUARUI Threads Industry Co., Ltd. polyester
                Details for China polyester


                Product Type:

                Yarn >> Cotton yarn >> Carded yarn

                Keyword: polyester,sewing,polyester yarn,combing yarn,spinning yarn
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                Payment Terms: L/C
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                Product Detail
                • composition and content: polyester
                • yarn form: cheese yarn
                • spinning technology: ring spinning
                • place of origin: Hubei
                • main application: knitting, weaving, sewing
                • 屬性(例如:尺寸): 值(例如:12英寸)
                Detailed Product Description

                ?Produtions can be customized , please feel free to contact us for more details!

                Contact us
                Company Name: Hubei Chibi HUARUI Threads Industry Co., Ltd.  
                Company Address: No.163,Tiger Tun Road,Lushui Lake Scenic Area Office,Chibi in Hubei,China 
                Zip: 437321 
                Contact Person: Alan Tang 
                Telephone Number: +86-715-5528889 
                Mobile: 86-18071266880 
                Fax Number: +86-715-5528699 
                Email: sales@hbhrxy.com 
                Homepage: www.hbhrxy.com