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                Suppliers Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Co., Ltd
                Company Info

                As a professional production enterprise of worsted wool fabrics and wool yarns, Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of former Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Group Company-former National Township Enterprise Group and Star Enterprise of Jiangsu Province. Located in the eastern suburb of Zhangjiagang City (an emerging modern port city), our company now has 140mu (one mu=667sqm) of lands, CNY 210 million of fixed assets, more than 900 employees and a full set of production line involving top dyeing and recombing, spinning, weaving and finishing; meanwhile, our main production equipments are introduced from Italy, France, Germany, Belgium and Japan, etc. Equipped with 35,000spindles and 108 sets of rapier looms, we annually can produce 4.5 million meters of worsted wool fabrics and more than 1,500 tons of worsted yarns. We sold CNY 320 million of products

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                Contact us
                Company Name: Jiangsu Shenzhou Woolen Co., Ltd 
                Company Address: No.21 Chenghang east road, Zhangjiagang city 
                Zip: 215617 
                Contact Person:  
                Telephone Number: +86-512-58298645,58292511 
                Fax Number: +86-512-58293668,58298796 
                Email: shenzhou@shenzhouwool.com 
                Homepage: www.shenzhouwool.com