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                Suppliers Zaozhuang Best Clothing Co., Ltd.
                Company Info

                Zaozhuang Best Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in Dec. 2007, with registered capital of 4.5 million RMB yuan. Located in Zaozhuang City of Shandong Province, China, the company is mainly engaged in the manufacture processing sales and export of knitgoods, knitted garments and printed fabrics. Boasting advanced equipments and high-caliber production and marketing team, the company has occupied floor area of 13,220 sq. meters, factory building area of 2,800 sq. meters and fixed assets of 4.8 million RMB. We can annual produce around 2.5 pieces of various knitted garments, with annual production value of 30 million RMB yuan. In the year 2008, the annual sales revenue is to exceed 3 million RMB. The company now has 220 employees. Since establishment and under the leadership of Mr. Li Xuanguo, the president of the company, we have achieved great progress. We now have the General Manager&rsquo

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                Contact us
                Company Name: Zaozhuang Best Clothing Co., Ltd. 
                Company Address: No.20 Fuxing Road Yicheng Development Zone Zaozhuang City Shandong China 
                Zip: 277300 
                Contact Person: zzbest 
                Telephone Number: 0632-7780866 
                Mobile: +86-13563221178 
                Fax Number: +86-632-5286111 
                Email: jinqishun@163.com 
                Homepage: www.zzbestclothing.com 
                Company Info