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                Textile Buyers Guide, Textile Buyers Directory
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                Sourcing Product Buyer Name Date
                buy T/R yarn Nauri Corporation 2022-07-07
                buy sexy underwear Anita Gatterbauer 2022-07-07
                buy workwear Company Name: Revoo Kft. 2022-07-07
                buy acrylic tow T.d. Overseas 2022-07-07
                buy Tencel Fabric Axon Fashion International 2022-07-07
                Buy Polyester Yarn Shad Corporation 2022-07-07
                buy Curtains Bcl Product Sourcing & Development Corp 2022-07-07
                buy Bed Sheet D & P International Hong Kong 2022-07-04
                buy Cow leather Second May International 2022-07-04
                BUY FLAME RETARDED F Pekhai Trading Co Ltd 2022-07-04
                buy Table Napkins Shilpi India 2022-07-04
                buy cotton thread Can Alcili Sargi 2022-07-04
                buy Cotton towels Ab Ltd. 2022-07-04
                buy T/C yarn Leo Traders 2022-07-04
                buy Polyester Yarn Vali Corporation 2022-06-30
                buy Beach Towel Son Companies 2022-06-30
                buy pure silk fabric Impoter Of Silk 2022-06-30
                buy bedding Poppy Limited 2022-06-30
                buy wool felt Eternal Great International Limited 2022-06-30
                BUY BEDSHEETS T Imports 2022-06-30
                buy raw cotton fabri Debska-furniture 2022-06-30
                buy leather Second May International 2022-06-27
                buy terry towel Al-hamd Import Export Ltda 2022-06-27
                buy bath rug Tritex 2022-06-27
                buy polypropylene mu Cisan 2022-06-27
                buy baby blanket Argentina Beltran 2022-06-27
                buy polyester tow Zayandeh Roud Fiber 2022-06-27
                buy Bath Towels Villager Laundry 2022-06-27
                buy PVC coated cotto Jk Frequency Technology 2022-06-23
                buy Infant/Toddler C The Burts Nest 2022-06-23
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